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Arla to raise organic premium for farmers

Industry news  •  4 February 2015  •  Arla

With its organic sales continuing to climb, farmer-owned Arla Foods has decided to increase its organic premium by 2 eurocent pr. kilo of milk effective March 2 2015 for farmers in Sweden, Denmark, UK and Central Europe…

Arla sells packaging subsidiary Danapak Flexibles

Industry news  •  8 May 2014  •  Arla

Arla Foods has reached an agreement to sell its packaging subsidiary Danapak Flexibles A/S to Austian-based Schur Flexibles Group…

Major investment to boost Arla’s profitability

Industry news  •  3 February 2014  •  Arla

Arla looks to expand its production globally and make it more eco-friendly by investing 2.2 billion DKK in 10 of its dairy sites in 2014…

Arla to expand production in 2013

Industry news, News  •  23 January 2013  •  Arla Foods

During 2013, Arla will invest in a number of dairy expansions and new facilities in order to increase global production of its most profitable products…

Arla invests in lower costs

Industry news, News  •  23 January 2012  •  Arla Foods

In 2012 Arla will invest in a stronger dairy structure, the processing of whey ingredients and more focus on growth markets…


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