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GEA Heat Exchangers becomes Kelvion

Featured news  •  11 November 2015  •  Kelvion

Something’s happening in the international Heat Exchanger business: the former Heat Exchanger division of the GEA Group AG has become a new standalone company, Kelvion…

Hygienic design from EHEDG supplement 2011

Issue 4 2011, Supplements  •  12 September 2011  •  Wouter N. A. Burggraaf, EHEDG

Problems with plate heat exchangers by Wouter N. A. Burggraaf, EHEDG

Problems with plate heat exchangers

Issue 4 2011  •  6 September 2011  •  Wouter N.A. Burggraaf, Burggraaf & Partners B.V.

In the food industry, plate heat exchangers are often used for cooling or heating liquid food products. Plate heat exchangers are relatively cheap and can also be applied for heat recovery. The industry has tried to solve a number of food safety problems, but it has not succeeded in all cases. Problems around the gaskets have been solved. It is clearly understood that elastomers do not have an unlimited lifespan. The gasket should be replaced preventatively. The gasket is no longer glued and nowadays, there are rapidly exchangeable gaskets. Specialist companies can change gaskets quickly and neatly.

The single rubber seal between the product side and the cooling- or heating medium has been replaced by a double gasket with a leak detection chamber in between. It remains important that the operator is aware of any leakage if it occurs and inspects this daily.


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