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Unilever opens new ice cream factory to drive sustainable growth in Turkey, Middle East and Africa

Industry news, News  •  26 August 2013  •  Unilever

Unilever announced the opening of a new ice cream factory…

Unilever Supply Chain breaks into world top 10

Industry news, News  •  22 May 2012  •  Unilever

The result is Unilever’s best-ever performance in the index and an improvement of five places compared with 2011…

Long term supplier partnerships key to Unilever Sustainable growth strategy

Industry news, News  •  4 May 2012  •  Unilever

Unilever signed its thirtieth strategic supplier partnership to support the company’s sustainable growth ambitions…

Unilever continues to invest in Colombia to increase capacity for growth

Industry news, News  •  1 March 2012  •  

Unilever plans state-of-the art Laundry manufacturing and distribution facilities to drive growth…

Unilever’s next step in sustainable sourcing of raw materials

Industry news, News  •  8 June 2011  •  Unilever

Unilever announced a small but important step towards 100% sustainable sourcing of its agricultural raw materials by 2020…

Unilever drives efficiency in capital investment programme

Industry news, News  •  23 May 2011  •  Unilever

Unilever and Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. have entered a global alliance…


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