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Pesticides - Articles and news items

Technology brief: Highly sensitive analysis of polar pesticides in food matrices

Whitepapers, Z Homepage Promo  •  15 December 2016  •  Waters

In this whitepaper, Waters discuss how to develop a sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the robust analysis of highly polar pesticides in food commodities without the need of derivatization…

Pesticide residues in food: risk to consumers remains low

Industry news  •  1 November 2016  •  EFSA

Ninety-seven per cent of food samples collected in the European Union are free of pesticide residues or contain traces that are within legal limits…

RSPB reports that farming causing extinction in the UK

Industry news  •  14 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

An RSPB report entitled the State of Nature report has announced that one in 10 UK species face extinction due to an intensification of farming practices…

European Research Council awards €1.5m to arm cereals against pathogens and diseases

Industry news  •  9 September 2016  •  Earlham Institute

The European Research Council (ERC), is to award a €1.5m Starting Grant for the investigation into the immune system of crops…

Pesticide Residue: The impact of regulatory changes on lab testing

Issue 2 2016  •  26 April 2016  •  Torsten Pöppelbaum, Scientific Expert, NSF

The last 50 years have seen a marked increase in consumer awareness and concern about the quality and safety of food, including the effects of pesticides used in crop production and home gardens. Fortunately, analytical test methods have also progressed. Analysis has advanced from needing several days to semi-quantitatively measure a handful of active substances to using powerful multi-methods to rapidly test hundreds of substances to an accuracy of a few micrograms per kilogram in only a few hours…

Pesticides guidance aims to harmonise field dissipation studies

Industry news  •  7 March 2016  •  Victoria White

New pesticides guidance has been finalised that harmonises the way terrestrial field dissipation studies are conducted in different regions of the world…

EFSA launches its new #Efsa4Bees site

Featured news  •  3 March 2016  •  Victoria White

#Efsa4Bees will contain essential information about EFSA’s project on the risk assessment of multiple stressors in bees as well as other relevant work in areas such as pesticides…

Aldi Süd bans 8 pesticides from fruit and veg produced for their markets

Industry news  •  5 February 2016  •  Victoria White

Aldi Süd is the first big retailer in Europe to ban eight bee-harming pesticides from domestic fruits and vegetables produced for their markets…

Pesticides: EFSA’s breakthrough on cumulative risk assessment

Industry news  •  27 January 2016  •  Victoria White

EFSA and its partners have developed a software tool for carrying out exposure assessments of multiple pesticides…

Whitepaper: Understanding, monitoring and meeting the differing global maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides

Whitepapers  •  28 October 2014  •  SGS

The purpose of this free white paper is to provide an overview on current thinking within the food industry for how best to manage pesticide residue risk in food products and supply chains…

Pesticide Exposure: harmonised guidance increases protection for operators, workers, residents and bystanders

Industry news  •  23 October 2014  •  European Food Safety Authority

New guidance from EFSA sets out for the first time a harmonised methodology for calculating exposure to pesticides for four major population groups – operators, workers, residents and bystanders…

Occupational exposure to pesticides: Challenges for research, evaluation and prevention

Industry news  •  21 October 2014  •  European Food Safety Authority

The French food safety agency and the European Food Safety Authority are organising a joint conference on October 28 and 29 to present an overview of the latest developments in knowledge on occupational exposure to pesticides…

EPRW 2014: A great success

Featured news  •  14 July 2014  •  EPRW 2014

New Food was in attendance at the 10th European Pesticide Residues Workshop in Dublin from 30 June – 3 July 2014…

EFSA consults on guidance to predict pesticide concentrations in soil

Industry news  •  10 July 2014  •  The European Food Safety Authority

EFSA is launching a public consultation on draft guidance that enables scientists to predict environmental concentrations of plant protection products and their transformation products in soil…

Monitoring and control of pesticide residues in food within the European Union

Issue 2 2014  •  1 May 2014  •  Stewart Reynolds Senior Scientist, Food Quality and Safety Programme, Food and Environment Research Agency

Information about pesticide residues in the food we produce, import, sell and consume is important to anyone involved in the food industry and to us all as consumers of food. Each year throughout the European Union, around 100,000 samples of food are collected and tested for pesticide residues. This is an extensive programme of work involving 30 European countries (the 28 Member States, plus Norway and Iceland as EFTA countries), around 275 official national laboratories, which include 52 national reference laboratories, and a considerable expenditure. As someone who has been involved in testing food for pesticide residues for over 30 years, it is interesting to review how controls are organised today and how the changes have improved public access to increased amounts of information on this subject.

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