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Resilient strategic focus leads to strong results 2014

Industry news  •  18 February 2015  •  Arla

2014 was a complex year for Arla. The farmer-owned company achieved one of its best results ever in a market impacted by volatility and international politics…

Arla appoints new head of Danish business

Industry news  •  19 August 2014  •  Arla

Tomas Pietrangeli has been named the new head of Arla Denmark…

Walhorn and Arla agree to merge

Industry news  •  14 May 2014  •  Arla Foods

The merger between Arla Foods and EGM Walhorn has now been approved by the cooperative owners in both companies…

Arla appoints new head of UK business

Industry news  •  30 April 2014  •  Arla

Arla Foods announces the appointment of Peter Gioertz-Carlsen as the new executive vice president for Arla UK with effect from 1 August 2014, replacing Peter Lauritzen…

New strategy for sustainable dairy farming

Industry news  •  25 March 2014  •  Arla

Arla has developed a global strategy for Sustainable Dairy Farming focusing on animals, climate, nature and resources…

Arla’s 2013 reports available to download

Industry news  •  27 February 2014  •  Arla

Arla has now published its Annual Report 2013 as well as its CSR report, revealing how the company lived up to its social, ethical, environmental and financial responsibilities…

Arla poised for more owners in the UK

Industry news, News  •  30 August 2013  •  Arla Foods

Arla’s Board of Directors is proposing that AFMP, through its investment arm Milk Partnership Limited, should become co-owners of Arla Foods from 1 January 2014…

Interim financial statement: Strategy delivers increased earnings

Industry news, News  •  29 August 2013  •  Arla Foods

Arla is posting significant growth in earnings, revenue and profit for the first half of 2013…

New head of Arla Sweden

Industry news, News  •  28 August 2013  •  Arla Foods

Dutchman Henri de Sauvage Nolting is new Executive Vice President for Arla Foods in Sweden…

Arla Foods to find new director for Sweden

Industry news, News  •  8 April 2013  •  Arla Foods

Christer Åberg has decided to accept a position at Orkla and will therefore leave Arla Foods after four years with the company…

2012 according to Arla

Industry news, News  •  28 February 2013  •  Arla Foods

Arla Foods published its Annual Report 2012 in addition to a separate CSR report which highlights how the company is fulfilling its social, ethical & economic responsibilities….

A landmark result for 2012 despite a challenging marketplace

Industry news, News  •  20 February 2013  •  Arla Foods

Mergers, acquisitions and strong brands were behind the significant rise in Arla’s turnover in 2012…

New strategic targets to take Arla to 2017

Industry news, News  •  11 January 2013  •  Arla Foods

Over the next five years Arla will increase its focus on Russia, China and the Middle East & Africa region…

Half-year accounts: Arla remains strong despite pressure on prices

Industry news, News  •  3 September 2012  •  Arla Foods

Growth and efficiencies characterised the first half of 2012…

Arla to make big investment in China

Industry news, News  •  15 June 2012  •  Arla Foods

China is the fastest growing dairy market in the world and has over 1.3 billion consumers. Now Arla Foods is looking to strengthen its presence on the Chinese market…

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