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Paul S Walsh - Articles and news items

Diageo announces appointments to Executive Committee

Industry news, News  •  6 June 2013  •  Diageo

Andy Fennell, Chief Marketing Officer, will be appointed President and Chief Operating Officer, Africa…

Diageo announces appointment to Executive Committee

Industry news, News  •  22 May 2013  •  Diageo

Diageo has today announced that Jim Grover, Group Strategy Director, is to retire from the company…

Diageo announces appointment to Executive Committee

Industry news, News  •  18 April 2013  •  Diageo

Alberto Gavazzi appointed President, Diageo Latin America and Caribbean with effect from 1 July 2013…

Diageo announces end to discussions on the future of Cuervo

Industry news, News  •  11 December 2012  •  Diageo

“Diageo has had a long and successful relationship with the Cuervo brand…”

Diageo, UBHL and USL announce that Diageo will take a shareholding in USL, the leading Indian spirits company

Industry news, News  •  9 November 2012  •  Diageo

Diageo will now launch a Mandatory Tender Offer to the public shareholders of USL…


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