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Åke Hantoft new Chairman of Arla Foods

Industry news, News  •  27 May 2011  •  Arla Foods

Åke Hantoft from Sweden will succeed Ove Møberg from Denmark as chairman of Arla Foods following Ove Møberg’s decision to step down after four years…

Arla’s Chairman announces his retirement

Industry news, News  •  11 April 2011  •  Arla Foods

After 19 years as a member of the Board of Directors and four years as Chairman, Ove Møberg, 63, has announced his retirement…

Members vote in favour: Hansa-Milch and Arla Foods to merge

Industry news, News  •  3 March 2011  •  Arla Foods

A plan to that effect put forward by the boards of the two companies was approved by the members of the two cooperatives on March 2nd…


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