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Conveyor belts in EHEDG focus

Issue 3 2012  •  3 July 2012  •  Olaf Heide, EHEDG Member

Food conveyor belts can be found in literally every industrial food process. Looking at them as a single item, belts may be just simple components made from steel, fabric or plastic. But they are actually quite important to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process flow.

This article focuses on the specific situation of synthetic conveyor belts using plastic material as main design element – steel belts are a different world of design and need separate consideration as such.

Unexpected failures or breakdowns can be costly and cause severe problems in a con – tinuous production. Hence, conveyor belts contribute to process efficiency and profitability. Furthermore, they are usually in direct contact with food when they are part of a process line. Therefore conveyor belts play an important role regarding safe and hygienic food processing.

Here is the link to the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG)! Our industry association and all its member companies aim to support and improve safe food production through the hygienic design of equipment and components.

Conveyors unite

Issue 4 2006, Past issues  •  6 November 2006  •  Olaf Heide, EHEDG Conveyors subgroup member

On June 21 2006 the new European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) subgroup ‘Conveyors’ was chartered in Amsterdam. The initial meeting was led by Jacques Kastelein, EHEDG Executive Committee member and chairman of the Equipment and Components group. Team members are delegates from different companies which are each involved with some aspect of designing machines, systems, components or cleaning issues for food processing equipment and conveyors.


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