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Peanut allergy prevention strategy is “nutritionally safe”

Industry news  •  10 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Introducing peanut-containing foods during infancy as a peanut allergy prevention strategy does not affect growth and nutritional intakes, a study shows…

Olam acquires Brooks Peanut Company for $85m

Industry news  •  9 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The acquisition of Brooks Peanut Company strengthens Olam’s market position as the third largest peanut sheller in the US…

NIR hyperspectral imaging for detection of nut contamination

Issue 4 2015  •  1 September 2015  •  Puneet Mishra, Belén Diezma and Pilar Barreiro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

‘Nut’ is used to describe a wide range of seeds with a seed coat or shell. Because of high-energy content, micronutrients and positive global health impact, nuts have been present for centuries in human diet. However, over recent decades they have increasingly been found to induce adverse health effects. With an increasing number of individuals affected with allergenic reactions, nuts allergies are a growing global concern. Nuts are common food allergens and are the leading cause of fatalities from food-induced allergenic reactions in developed countries. Allergenic conditions arising from the consumption of nuts are generally thought to be life-long and typically severe. No definite treatment is yet available for nut and seed allergies. Dietary avoidance is the primary way to manage these allergies and requires the ability in the food industry to identify peanuts or tree nuts…

OLé peanuts: disease resistant with a long shelf-life

Industry news  •  29 July 2015  •  Victoria White

A new variety of peanut that is disease resistant and has a long shelf-life, called OLé, has recently been released by a team of researchers…


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