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Screening platform for optimal spray drying of enzymes and probiotics

Issue 3 2013  •  19 June 2013  •  Maarten Schutyser and Jimmy Perdana, Food Process Engineering Group, Wageningen UR, Martijn Fox, NIZO Food Research

Many food ingredients, such as enzymes and probiotics, are spray dried to provide a longer shelf life. A major hurdle when applying spray drying is the extensive optimisa tion required for formulation and drying conditions to obtain powders of acceptable quality. Therefore, a high-throughput screening platform based on single droplet drying mimicking spray drying was successfully developed. It allows, in combination with a novel viability enumeration technique, screening amongst others survival percentages of probiotic bacteria as a function of drying conditions and formulation…

Reducing fat and sodium in cheese

Issue 3 2013  •  19 June 2013  •  Professor Donald J. McMahon, Western Dairy, Utah State University

Health regulators seek to reduce dietary fat intake and sodium intake by stipulating that cheeses should be made with lower fat and lower salt contents. However, both fat and salt contribute to cheese flavour, and fat especially impacts cheese appearance, texture and melting. Cheese is adversely affected by fat and salt reductions, and such cheeses have not been well accepted by consumers.

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Issue 2 2013  •  26 April 2013  •  Helen Bahia

Nutraceutical products are big business. Despite the tough economic climate and unstable raw material costs, the nutraceutical industry has shown resilience with the Freedonia Group predicting the sector will grow at 7.2 per cent annually until at least 2015.

Ingredients supplement 2012

Issue 5 2012, Supplements  •  8 November 2012  •  Sandra Caldeira / Petros Maragkoudakis / Dr Evangelia Komitopoulou

Natural and artificial sweeteners – what are the health issues? (Sandra Caldeira – Project Manager, Nutrition and Health, IHCP, European Commission / Petros Maragkoudakis – Scientific/Technical Project Officer, Nutrition and Health, IHCP, European Commission)
Available in vitro methodologies for prebiotic and probiotic functionality (Dr Evangelia Komitopoulou – Head of Food Safety, Leatherhead Food Research)
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Explosion of opportunities in Nutraceuticals

Industry news  •  23 April 2010  •  

New research from Business Insights has revealed that despite costs of over $10m to gain the right to claim that a food or drink product has a health benefit, investing is worthwhile.


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