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Do supply chain worries keep you up at night?

Featured news  •  8 November 2016  •  NSF International

TraQtion has been developed by NSF International, taking best practice from over 70 years of product safety and quality experience, to provide companies with full visibility of their product, supplier and process information…

Health & Nutrition supplement 2016

Issue 2 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage Promo  •  26 April 2016  •  New Food

The science of turmeric; The booming industry of sports supplements; Health & nutrition roundtable; Vitafoods Europe show preview; NSF certifications for dietary supplements and sports products.

NSF International launches HCV EU – a HACCP Compliance Verification service for European commercial food equipment

Featured news  •  13 April 2016  •  NSF International

This is the first compliance verification program to cover hygienic quality of commercial food equipment following European guidelines and legislation…

NSF at the forefront of the fight against food fraud

Industry news  •  1 October 2015  •  Victoria White

As global supply chains and food businesses grow ever more complex and competitive, food fraud has been identified as an emerging risk for brands…

Whitepaper: Horizon scanning – building resilience and creating value in your business

Whitepapers  •  1 September 2015  •  NSF International

This whitepaper will help you understand how horizon scanning can build resilience and create value in your business…

Importance of taking NSF Certified for Sport® supplements

Featured news, Video  •  26 May 2015  •  NSF International

Professional athletes face scrutiny when taking supplements today. They need to minimise health risks so selecting the ‘right’ supplement, not containing anything listed on WADA’s banned substance list is paramount. NSF International Nutritional Supplement General Manager, Lisa Thomas talks about the importance of taking supplements that are Certified for Sport®…

NSF International expands food safety certification services in UK and Ireland with acquisition of Knight International Inspectorate

Industry news  •  11 November 2014  •  NSF International

Global public health organisation NSF International has acquired Knight International Inspectorate…

Tackling food fraud: Why it’s got to be led from the top

Blogs  •  10 October 2014  •  Jude Mason, Technical Services Director at NSF

Jude Mason, Technical Services Director at NSF, considers in more detail why tackling food fraud needs leadership, coordination and liaison across the business – and that means it demands board level attention…

Food Fraud and the Risk Management Context

Blogs  •  9 September 2014  •  Duncan Goodwin, Technical Services Director at NSF International

It’s already six days since publication of the Elliott report and things are moving fast, with numerous responses, services, webinars and training courses being developed by industry suppliers and consultants to address various aspects of the fraud ‘problem’…

How will your business respond to the Elliott final report?

Blogs  •  5 September 2014  •  Duncan Goodwin, Technical Services Director at NSF International

NSF’s Duncan Goodwin, Technical Services Director at NSF International, looks at some of the fundamentals of the Elliott final report…

Whitepaper: The ‘new’ phenomenon of criminal fraud in the food supply chain

Whitepapers  •  5 September 2014  •  NSF

This free-to-view whitepaper looks at the rapid rise of food fraud and the collective responses to the global threat…

Food safety experts at NSF International say Elliott report a “Significant step towards safeguarding food supply”

Industry news  •  5 September 2014  •  NSF

NSF International food safety experts say challenge will be in effective implementation, as food fraud is a global issue that will require international cooperation and action…

Foreign body contamination and the implications for the food manufacturing sector

Issue 2 2014  •  1 May 2014  •  Duncan Goodwin, Director of Technical Services, NSF Supply Chain Assurance Division

‘Foreign body’ is a technical term which refers to any extraneous matter, whether of a physical, chemical or biological nature, found in food. Usually foreign bodies render the food unfit for human consumption. Strictly speaking, ‘physical contamination’ should refer to the addition of extraneous matter to food not directly of biological origin such as paper, paint or glass, but legally the term refers to all contamination of a non-microbial source, including human hair, parts of insects and cleaning fluids and also includes particles of the wrong food such as a butter bean found in a tin of peas. And remember, food includes beverages, bottled water and nutritional and functional products…

Whitepaper: Understanding the US Food Safety Modernization Act 2011

Whitepapers  •  2 April 2014  •  NSF International

If your company exports food to the US or you are an importer of food to the US this document contains important information for your business…

Food Grade Lubricants supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  6 March 2014  •  Ashlee Breitner, Eduard Stempfel

Ashlee Breitner from NSF International explains why the use of ISO 21469 is on the rise, and New Food explains how food grade lubrication certification provides best practice…


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