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High-Pressure and Pulsed Electric Field: What do the consumers think?

Issue 2 2010  •  12 May 2010  •  Nina Veflen Olsen (Nofima Mat) and Anne-Mette Sonne (MAPP)

New products and processing techniques are continuously being developed within the food industry. While food scientists may focus on the technical novelty and applaud the progress of science, consumers are often more conservative and sceptical about changes. From earlier experiences with gene modification and irradiation, we have learnt that advantages that new processing technologies offer do not guarantee the success of a product in the market place. Consumer acceptance depends on whether they perceive specific benefits associated with the product,1,2 which means identifying factors that influence consumer acceptance is important.

New Food Digital Issue 1 2009

Past issues  •  7 May 2009  •  

In this issue: What does the industry need from science and technology?, Inactivating enzymes by high intensity pulsed electric field, High hydrostatic pressure processing uniformity in the picture, Creating Shared Value in food manufacturing – NestlĂ©’s experience, Meat processing and proteomics, Molecular detection of spore-forming bacteria in canned food.


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