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Neogen launches AccuPoint Advanced

Featured news  •  9 June 2015  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen’s enhanced AccuPoint ATP Hygiene Monitoring System is the most sensitive and consistent hygiene monitoring system available…

Neogen launches Reveal® for Multi-Treenut food allergen test

Featured news  •  1 April 2015  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen has developed a rapid test that can simultaneously detect the presence of six tree nuts in a single test in just 10 minutes after extraction…

Neogen testing solutions for cumin and spice blend contamination

Featured news  •  17 February 2015  •  Neogen Europe

With the recent UK recall for ground cumin issued by the Food Standards Agency due to the discovery of undeclared peanut protein, the issue of adulteration of the supply chain is once again front-of-mind…

USDA releases results of water based aflatoxin test study

Featured news  •  14 August 2014  •  Neogen Europe Ltd

As part of the National Mycotoxin Quality Assurance Program, the USDA Grain Inspection Advisory Committee has released the results of a comparative study on water-based aflatoxin test kits…

Food Safety supplement 2013

Issue 1 2013, Supplements  •  22 February 2013  •  Dr Hilde Kruse, Helen Bahia, Knuth Lorenzen

Antibiotic resistance: a major concern for food safety (Dr Hilde Kruse, Programme Manager Food Safety, WHO Regional Office for Europe)
Meat contamination in Europe (Helen Bahia, Editor, New Food)
CIP tank farm arrangements (Knuth Lorenzen, EHEDG President)

Neogen launches NeoColumn™ for T-2/HT-2 toxins

Featured news, News  •  24 June 2010  •  Neogen Europe Ltd

In response to imminent regulation in the European Union, Neogen has expanded its comprehensive line of mycotoxin detection products to include NeoColumn™ T-2/HT-2…

Neogen adds mustard test to food allergen testing products

Featured news  •  26 November 2009  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen Europe has expanded its line of food allergen test kits to include a quantitative test for mustard.

Neogen Europe introduces a rapid DNA-based test for Campylobacter spp.

Featured news  •  6 November 2009  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen Europe Ltd has introduced GeneQuence® Campylobacter, a new DNA hybridization test for the detection of Campylobacter spp. GeneQuence Campylobacter qualitatively detects Campylobacter spp. in whole chicken carcasses following only 48 hours of enrichment in patented Campy-Cefex culture media.

Neogen Filter Test System and ampouled media simplifies liquid microbiological testing

Featured news  •  1 November 2009  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen has developed a disposable membrane filtration system that utilises ampouled media to provide a complete solution to enumerate and detect a wide variety of microorganisms in liquid samples.

Neogen launches Veratox® for T-2/HT-2 toxins

Featured news  •  12 October 2009  •  Neogen Europe

In response to proposed regulation in the European Union, Neogen has improved its Veratox® for T-2 Toxin test kit to simultaneously detect the closely related HT-2 mycotoxin.

Neogen develops immunoaffinity column for deoxynivalenol

Featured news  •  11 July 2009  •  Neogen Europe

Neogen Europe Ltd. announced the introduction of a new immunoaffinity column for the analysis of deoxynivalenol (DON, vomitoxin) in a range of foods by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), ELISA, GC-MS and other analytical methods.


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