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15th Anniversary Supplement

Issue 5 2012, Supplements  •  8 November 2012  •  Albert Zwijgers / Lilia Ahrné / Petra Wissenburg / Supriya Varma

“But it still needs to be made …” (Albert Zwijgers – Innovation Agent Food and Health, Food & Nutrition Delta, Professor of Technology and Ingredients, University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch)
Tailored food processing for better food quality (Lilia Ahrné – Director, Department for Process and Technology Development, SIK)
The evolution of product quality testing in food manufacturing (Petra Wissenburg – Corporate Quality Projects Director and Head of the Global Laboratory Center, Danone)
Advancements in the area of food chemistry (Supriya Varma – Scientist, Frito-Lay (PepsiCo))

Reliable, accurate measurements of fat, moisture and protein with InfraLab, NDC’s Rapid Benchtop Meat Analyzer

Featured news, News  •  28 February 2011  •  NDC Infrared Engineering Ltd

The InfraLab, delivers reliable, accurate measurements of fat, moisture & protein content…


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