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Food additive E171: first findings of oral exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Industry news  •  25 January 2017  •  INRA-France

Researchers from INRA and their partners have studied the effects of oral exposure to titanium dioxide, an additive (E171) commonly used in foodstuffs, especially confectionery…

Indian researchers pioneer an alternate use for sugarcane waste

Industry news  •  25 November 2016  •  Elsevier

From Britain to Mexico, countries are considering sugar taxes to reduce consumption and curb the global obesity epidemic. Indian researchers might have found a use for sugarcane waste…

Global nano-enabled packaging market poised to reach $15.0 billion by 2020

Industry news  •  4 November 2016  •  New Food

The global nano enabled packaging market for food and beverages industry was worth USD 6.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% during 2014 to 2020…

John Lee, Agilent Technologies – Discusses nanoparticle technology and its use in the food industry

Interviews, Video  •  8 December 2015  •  New Food

In this exclusive video interview, John discusses new innovations at Agilent, shares his insights into the key challenges facing the food industry, and explains the impact that Agilent has had on the food industry…

New Food Digital Issue 1 2010

Past issues  •  4 February 2010  •  

This issue features the latest industry news and forward looking articles including: analytica 2010 show preview, Consumer attitudes towards nanotechnology (Josephine Wills, Director General, European Food Information Council (EUFIC) and Fanny Rollin, Food Safety Communications Manager, European Food Information Council (EUFIC)).

Potential benefits of micro and nanotechnology for the food industry: does size matter?

Issue 4 2008  •  3 December 2008  •  Kathy Groves, Principal Microscopist, Leatherhead Food International

Nanotechnology is an emerging science. Its implementation in the food and drink industry is predicted to grow rapidly due to the benefits it can bring for both industry and the consumer in terms of structure and texture control, health benefits, and safety and quality.

Nanotechnology in the food industry

Issue 4 2008  •  3 December 2008  •  NF

Applications of nanotechnology in the food industry mean different things to different people and this influences the perception of benefits and risks of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is not a discrete area, but rather a broad spectrum of applications concerned with the rational modification of food structures at the molecular or macromolecular level, or the introduction of nanoparticles or nanostructures into foods.

Creating an atmosphere for food

Issue 2 2006, Past issues  •  23 May 2006  •  Sabine Paulussen and Dirk Vangeneugden, Materials Technology Department, Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium

The use of polymer films for food packaging has drastically increased during the course of several decades. However, the specifications demanded for these polymer films have increased simultaneously, as well as the pressure surrounding environmental impact and production cost.Today, one of the key challenges is the development of food packaging materials that extend the shelf-life […]


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