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Food Analysis In-Depth Focus 2017

Issue 1 2017, Supplements, Z Homepage Promo  •  17 February 2017  •  New Food

Loop-mediated isothermal nucleic acid amplification (LAMP) for food microbiology testing; Best practice for crystallisation kinetics measurements via NMR; and MyToolBox – the smart way to tackle mycotoxins…

Romer Labs launches water-based total fumonisins test kit

Industry news  •  4 October 2016  •  New Food

Romer Labs expands its recently launched AgraStrip WATEX product line with the introduction of a water-based total fumonisins test kit…

FSAI report highlights the risks of acrylamide and aflatoxins

Industry news  •  16 March 2016  •  Victoria White

The FSAI has published the results of a Total Diet Study carried out to assess the dietary exposure to a number of chemicals that may pose a risk to health…

Recent developments in mycotoxin analysis

Issue 5 2015  •  28 October 2015  •  Michelangelo Pascale, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA), National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Mycotoxins are natural contaminants of several agricultural products and derivatives produced as secondary metabolites by several filamentous fungal species. Their presence in food and feed can cause serious risks to human and animal health due to adverse toxic effects; therefore maximum permitted levels have been fixed for the major occurring mycotoxins in several commodities at European and international level…

New test kit detects Aflatoxin M1 in ice cream

Industry news  •  29 September 2015  •  Victoria White

Aflatoxin M1 is one of a range of mycotoxins produced by fungi which can cause adverse effects in humans and animals, including some types of cancer…

Fusarium mycotoxin contamination in the human food chain

Issue 4 2015  •  1 September 2015  •  Dr Silvia W. Gratz, Research Fellow at the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen / Dr Neil Havis, Researcher in Crop and Soil Systems Group / Dr Fiona Burnett, Head of the Crop and Soil Systems Group, Scotlands Rural College

Mycotoxin contamination poses an intractable problem in agricultural production. WHO estimates that over 25% of global food crops are significantly contaminated with mycotoxins causing annual losses of around 1 billion metric tons of food. Mycotoxins are formed during cereal growth or in post-harvest storage; so this problem may increase as a result of climate change with weather extremes favouring plant stress and mould growth…

Experts use wet summer to improve mycotoxin risk assessments

Industry news  •  24 August 2015  •  Victoria White

A new project is taking advantage of the inclement UK summer weather to gain a better understanding of mycotoxins and improve mycotoxin risk assessments

R-Biopharm Rhône’s tests reassure beer drinkers after reports of mycotoxins in their favourite tipple

Industry news  •  21 July 2015  •  Victoria White

R-Biopharm Rhône are working with brewers and test labs across the country to test cereals for mycotoxins before they are used to produce beer…

Food supplement to fight tuberculosis to go on sale in India in 2016

Industry news  •  8 July 2015  •  Victoria White

A food supplement created to curb the effects of tuberculosis will be on sale in chemists in India and Nepal from late 2016…

Live monitoring of mycotoxin risk in wheat crops during flowering

Issue 3 2015  •  30 June 2015  •  Sarah Wynn and Rebecca Carter, ADAS UK Ltd

Monitoring methods that can be practically used in crop production to minimise the risk of contaminated grain reaching the food chain…

Drinking a lot of beer increases exposure to mycotoxins

Industry news  •  27 June 2015  •  Victoria White

Researchers have analysed mycotoxins produced by certain microscopic fungi in beer and dried fruits, confirming that these products meet EU food regulations…

Whitepaper: Multiplex screening of a broad range of mycotoxins from a single sample of animal feed

Whitepapers  •  1 June 2015  •  Randox Food Diagnostics

Cover all your mycotoxin screening needs simultaneously using revolutionary Biochip Array Technology with the option to customise your test array…

R-Biopharm Rhône unveils new test for toxins in rice, bread and beer

Industry news  •  7 January 2015  •  R-Biopharm Rhone Ltd

Innovative Scottish food safety company R-Biopharm Rhône has developed a new test for potentially fatal toxins which can be present in everyday foods such as rice, bread and beer…

Enzymatic detoxification of mycotoxins for healthy food

Issue 3 2014  •  23 June 2014  •  Petr Karlovsky, Head of the Molecular Phytopathology and Mycotoxin Research Unit, University of Göttingen

Mycotoxins are poisonous fungal metabolites that occur in food commodities colonised with filamentous fungi and in food products contaminated during processing and storage. Intake of mycotoxins with food poses a health risk to the consumer and legal limits for maximum levels of major mycotoxins in food have therefore been established worldwide. Compliance with these limits poses a challenge to food industry because good integrated plant protection, adequate storage and good manufacturing practices are often insufficient to keep mycotoxin levels below the limits…

Mycotoxins in maize – urgent scientific advice for the Commission

Industry news  •  22 May 2014  •  The European Food Safety Authority

Using data supplied by France, EFSA estimates that a temporary increase in the levels of three mycotoxins…

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