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Functional Ingredients supplement 2013

Issue 5 2013, Supplements  •  4 November 2013  •  Supriya Varma, Pretima Titoria, Mia Naprta, Gianluigi Mauriello, Diamante Maresca, Clorinda Malmo, Annachiara De Prisco

Tea innovation around the world
An update for gluten-free applications
Microencapsulation for functional foods: a focus on the vibrating technology

Ingredients: Microencapsulation of food ingredients: still a field to be explored?

Issue 3 2009  •  10 September 2009  •  Adem Gharsallaoui, Temporary Associate Professor, AgroSup Dijon (France)

The food industry uses more and more purified natural and synthetic fragile substances today, and consequently, there is an increased need to protect these ingredients. Functional food ingredients, such as flavours, vitamins or antioxidants, are sensitive to environmental stress during manufacturing, storage and consumption of the food product. Furthermore, loss of bioactivity can occur during digestion in the stomach and intestine. Microencapsulation is a useful tool to preserve the beneficial properties of these food ingredients and to control their release at both the right place and the right time.


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