Microbial food contaminents - Articles and news items

What systems you need and what to expect from a traceability audit

Issue 5 2015  •  28 October 2015  •  Michael Govro, Technical/QA Manager, NSF International

This article discusses the current state of traceability and product recalls, the effects of regulation and voluntary industry standards on traceability, what to expect from a traceability audit and what systems ensure traceability.

Infographic: Europe’s fight against antimicrobial resistance

Industry news  •  18 November 2013  •  European Food Safety Authority

In recognition of European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 18 November, EFSA has produced an infographic which highlights the issue of antimicrobial resistance and how EFSA is working with other EU agencies to combat the problem…

Potential vehicles of foodbone pathogens

Issue 3 2013  •  19 June 2013  •  Evangelina Komitopoulou, SGS, Larry Beuchat, Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia

Until recently, there has been a common belief that low numbers of microbial food contaminants should not be a major issue in low-water activity (aw) foods where growth does not occur. However, depending on its end usage or target population, low numbers of pathogens can lead to foodborne illness, hence their presence in low-aw foods can pose a serious safety risk.


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