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Cocoa sustainability at Mars

Issue 6 2010  •  15 December 2010  •  Peter van Grinsven, Cocoa Sustainability Field Research Manager, Mars Nederland B.V.

At Mars, the sustainability of the cocoa industry is part of the strategy and business practices, with the focus on the viability of smallholder cocoa production systems and the needs of cocoa communities. This fits the company’s principle of mutuality, but there is also a realisation that the future of the whole cocoa industry is under threat and that the growing needs of the industry cannot be met in the future, at the expense of both the farmer and the industry. Many issues threaten the sustainability and the livelihoods of the eight million small holder cocoa farmers worldwide that can only be addressed through large programs in which industry collaborates with governments of producing and consuming countries and with national and international institutes, as well as with NGO’s and the cocoa farmers.

Sustainability in process technology

Issue 2 2009  •  1 June 2009  •  Jasper Peters, Mars Nederland BV

The process technology landscape in the chocolate industry has changed markedly over the last decade. Following the key business trends, research and development in most organisations has incorporated all the key ‘buzzwords’, with focus given to terms such as efficiency, speed, low cost, flexibility, trade secrets, patentability, open innovation and so on. The sharp minded amongst the readers will have noticed that some of the keywords are, in fact, exact opposites. Efficiency and flexibility seem impossible to combine and secrecy seems to be the antithesis of open innovation.


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