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Potential benefits of micro and nanotechnology for the food industry: does size matter?

Issue 4 2008  •  3 December 2008  •  Kathy Groves, Principal Microscopist, Leatherhead Food International

Nanotechnology is an emerging science. Its implementation in the food and drink industry is predicted to grow rapidly due to the benefits it can bring for both industry and the consumer in terms of structure and texture control, health benefits, and safety and quality.

The holy grail of a single food safety specification

Issue 4 2008, Past issues  •  3 December 2008  •  Kath Veal, Business Manager Regulatory Services, Leatherhead Food International

Global regulatory food advice is one of the core areas of expertise at consultancy and research firm Leatherhead Food International. The regulatory advisors work within three teams specialising in United Kingdom, European (EU) or International regimes. Working with not only generic EU controls, but the detail of individual member states regularly illustrates the lack of harmonisation within Europe and our global coverage gives us a strong awareness of the challenge of international trade.

Breathing new life into hydrocolloids

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  18 August 2008  •  Dr Pretima M. Titoria, Section Manager: Ingredients, Leatherhead Food International

Food and drink manufacturers are under relentless pressure from consumers to produce products that can not only deliver exciting textures and tastes, but can also be healthy and shelf-life stable. This is then reflected in the challenge posed to the hydrocolloid suppliers and manufacturers, who must deliver thickeners, stabilising agents and gelling agents with specific functionalities that can meet consumer demand.

Leatherhead Food International – tomorrow’s science for today’s food & drink industry?

Issue 3 2007  •  4 September 2007  •  Dr Paul Berryman, Director of Research, LFI

Leatherhead Food International (LFI) is a provider of scientific research, information and consultancy for the global food and drink sector. It is renowned for its comprehensive World Food Legislation services, applied Bioscience Research and Food Ingredient expertise. Paul Berryman gives an overview of LFI’s capabilities to develop innovative solutions to the major issues facing the food & drinks sector.

Packaging trends: the past ten years

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  23 May 2007  •  Peter Wareing, Leatherhead Food International

Food packaging is traditionally required to have many functions: to contain and protect the food, to provide a surface for information labels, to add a distinct brand identity and to present the food attractively so that consumers will purchase it.


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