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Nestlé to cut water use across Europe operations by 40%

Industry news  •  21 March 2014  •  Nestlé

Nestlé has committed to making significant cuts to its water use in Europe, reducing water consumption by 40% across its European production sites by 2020 versus 2010 levels…

Nestlé drives growth in Europe with a new CHF 73 million factory in Russia

Industry news  •  21 October 2013  •  Nestlé

The facility is set to produce about 30,000 tonnes of Maggi products including seasonings…

Nestlé first signatory to European initiative to address unfair commercial practices in the food supply chain

Industry news, Uncategorized  •  21 October 2013  •  Nestlé

Nestlé is the first company to sign up to a voluntary European Union supported initiative…

Nestlé pledges to achieve zero waste in Europe by 2020

Industry news  •  18 October 2013  •  Nestlé

This means that no factory waste will go to landfill or be incinerated without energy being recovered from the process…

Nestlé continues to drive growth in Europe through innovation

Industry news, News  •  10 September 2012  •  Nestlé

Nestlé continues to drive the growth of its business in Europe through innovation…

Nestlé opens premium chocolate production lines in Russia

Industry news, News  •  26 August 2010  •  Nestlé

Nestlé emphasises its presence in the Russian and Eurasia region with the opening of a duo of premium chocolate production lines…


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