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Barry Callebaut Q1 sales figures: Start well ahead of global market growth

Industry news  •  21 January 2015  •  Barry Callebaut

Juergen Steinemann, CEO of the Barry Callebaut Group, said: “As anticipated, we saw a slow start in our new fiscal year, yet we grew well above the market….”

Barry Callebaut strengthens its presence in Scandinavia

Featured news, News  •  18 January 2013  •  Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut is strengthening its presence in Scandinavia by acquiring ASM Foods AB in Sweden from Carletti A/S of Denmark…

Barry Callebaut to build chocolate factory in Turkey

Featured news, News  •  31 October 2012  •  Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut announced the building of a factory for chocolate and compounds in Eskisehir, Turkey…

EFSA issues positive scientific opinion on Barry Callebaut’s health claim on cocoa flavanols

Industry news, News  •  17 July 2012  •  Barry Callebaut

First official validation of positive effect of cocoa flavanols…

Barry Callebaut and Morinaga to extend partnership in Japan

Featured news, News  •  14 June 2012  •  Barry Callebaut

Strengthening long-term strategic partnership and improving footprint in Japan…

Barry Callebaut and Unilever sign long-term partnership agreement

Industry news, News  •  23 January 2012  •  Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut AG and Unilever, have announced the signing of a new long-term global partnership agreement…

Barry Callebaut to become long-term supplier of Grupo Bimbo

Industry news, News  •  17 January 2012  •  Barry Callebaut AG

Barry Callebaut and Grupo Bimbo, announced the signing of a new long-term supply agreement for Bimbo’s operations in Mexico…

Barry Callebaut sells its European consumer business to the Belgian Baronie Group

Industry news, News  •  11 July 2011  •  Barry Callebaut

The share deal comprises the entire Stollwerck Group…

Barry Callebaut and Kraft Foods Sign Global Supply Agreement

Industry news, News  •  9 September 2010  •  External Communications

Barry Callebaut and Kraft Foods Inc., today announced the signing of a long-term global master product agreement…


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