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Nestlé attends deforestation event to promote sustainable supply chains

Industry news  •  20 March 2014  •  Nestlé

Nestlé Brazil is participating in the Forest Trends Katoomba event: ‘Scaling Up Sustainable Commodity Supply Chains’…

Nestlé tops list of global companies cutting carbon emissions

Industry news, News  •  14 September 2012  •  Nestlé

Nestlé has topped a list of global companies in efforts to disclose and cut carbon emissions…

Nestlé Chairman addresses World Water Forum as company launches water report

Industry news, News  •  12 March 2012  •  Nestlé

Need for “pragmatic, efficient & cost effective action” to address global water scarcity…

Nestlé becomes first food company to partner with the Fair Labor Association

Industry news, News  •  28 November 2011  •  Nestlé

Nestlé has decided to work with the FLA to investigate whether children are working on cocoa farms supplying its factories…

Creating Shared Value in food manufacturing: Nestlé’s experience

Issue 3 2010, Past issues  •  30 June 2010  •  José Lopez, Executive Vice President, Nestlé S.A for Operations & Global Business Excellence

As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company (CHF 110 billion sales in 2008), Nestlé recognises that for its business to be successful and sustainable in the long term, it must create value for its shareholders and for society. With this, we need to move beyond more ‘generic’ principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and incorporate the convergence of competitiveness and sustainability into our business models.

New Food Digital Issue 1 2009

Past issues  •  7 May 2009  •  

In this issue: What does the industry need from science and technology?, Inactivating enzymes by high intensity pulsed electric field, High hydrostatic pressure processing uniformity in the picture, Creating Shared Value in food manufacturing – Nestlé’s experience, Meat processing and proteomics, Molecular detection of spore-forming bacteria in canned food.


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