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A group of clusters and networks in Denmark arranges an international conference on food processing hygiene

Industry news, News  •  11 July 2011  •  Stålcentrum

EHEDG Denmark co-arranger of “International conference on Food Processing Hygiene…”…

New EHEDG Subgroup on Conveyor Systems

Issue 1 2011  •  3 March 2011  •  Jon J. Kold, Regional Chairman EHEDG Denmark and Chairman of the EHEDG, Subgroup Conveyor Systems

A new guideline for the hygienic design of conveyor systems will be based on solid Danish and European experiences with hygienic design of conveyor systems to be used in the food industry. In January 2011, the newest EHEDG Subgroup Conveyor Systems became active at a large kick-off seminar, which took place on 27 January 2011 at Billund Airport Meeting Centre in Denmark. The purpose of the Subgroup is to prepare a new EHEDG Guideline on the hygienic design of conveyor systems to be used in food manufacturing and processing. The subgroup consists of 20 professionals for companies and institutions. This underlines the industry’s broad interest in the subject.

Conveyor systems are widely used in food manufacturing for moving raw materials, processed food and packaged products. The upcoming guideline is primarily aimed at conveyors used in high risk areas, i.e. the processing of non-packaged foods in direct contact with the conveyor or transported in open boxes.


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