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Food Safety Supplement 2012

Issue 1 2012, Supplements  •  27 February 2012  •  Jessica Evans, Gun Wirtanen, Satu Salo, Ricardo F. Luna

How are lubricants affected by food safety regulations? (Jessica Evans, Business Unit Manager, Nonfood Compounds, NSF International)
Microbial limits for food processing surfaces (Gun Wirtanen & Satu Salo, VTT Expert Devices)
Past, present and future of food safety (Ricardo F. Luna, Senior Quality Specialist, Nestec SA)

Food Grade Lubricants: Invest now, save in the future

Issue 1 2011  •  3 March 2011  •  Jessica Evans, NSF Nonfood Compounds, Registration Manager, NSF

On 4 January 2011, United States President Barack Obama and Congress passed the Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernisation Act into law. This measure reflects a significant change in the United States food safety laws. This legislation mandates preventive measures by growers, processors and distributors, providing for increased inspections and gives the FDA greater regulatory authority. The specific areas of focus will be hazard analysis, validation and ensuring verification systems are in place.

This new U.S. regulation will have far-reaching implications for the global food supply chain. In addition to stricter measures for U.S. processors, the regulation establishes new requirements for labelling, import, supplier qualification programmes and mandatory recall authority.


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