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Advanced microbial modelling techniques and risk-based management applied to aseptic-UHT process

Issue 1 2014  •  5 March 2014  •  Laure Pujol and Jeanne-Marie Membré, INRA, UMR1014 Secalim and LUNAM Université, Oniris

Ultra High Temperature (UHT)-type products are ambient stable products, with a long shelf life (three to six months). Since they do not require any cold chain storage and can be consumed immediately, they are consumed extensively everywhere on the globe. They are defined as commercially sterile meaning that the product “must be free of microorganisms capable of growing under normal non-refrigerated conditions of storage1.” Basically, the challenge in a UHT process is to fill a ‘sterile’ product in a ‘sterile’ container in order to achieve commercial sterility…

Use of predictive microbiology in the food industry

Issue 4 2007  •  16 November 2007  •  Jeanne-Marie Membré, Unilever

The goal of predictive microbiology is to provide useful predictions about the microbial behaviour in food systems. Predictive microbiology combines “the disciplines of food microbiology, engineering and statistics” (Schaffner and Labuza, 1997).


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