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The ISO 22000 series – global standards for safe food supply chains

Issue 2 2009  •  1 June 2009  •  Jacob Færgemand, Sales and Technical Director Food, Bureau Veritas Certification

The launch in September 2005 of the ISO 22000 series, developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 34, Food products, signalled the arrival of a truly global option for ensuring safe food supply chains. This article gives a technical overview of the different standards in the series and how they can be put to use.

ISO 22000 – around the world

Issue 4 2006, Past issues  •  6 November 2006  •  Jacob Færgemand and Jørn Jensen, Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S

The global food safety standard ISO 22000 was launched in September 2005. Since then the standard has been extended to more than 50 countries around the world, and in this way it is the first global standard of food safety. This article outlines some industry experiences from the first year of the standard.

Food safety hazards may be introduced at any stage of the food chain. ISO 22000 covers it all to encourage harmonisation throughout the chain – on a global level – that minimises the risks.

Standard for food safety management

Issue 4 2005, Past issues  •  21 November 2005  •  Jacob Færgemand, Project Leader, ISO 22000 working group

Food safety hazards may be introduced at any stage of the food chain and adequate control throughout the food chain is therefore essential. Thus, food safety is a joint responsibility that is principally assured through the combined efforts of all the parties participating in the food chain.


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