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Food Grade Lubricants supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  6 March 2014  •  Ashlee Breitner, Eduard Stempfel

Ashlee Breitner from NSF International explains why the use of ISO 21469 is on the rise, and New Food explains how food grade lubrication certification provides best practice…

ISO 21469: is it really necessary?

Issue 2 2009  •  1 June 2009  •  Sid Stone, Managing Director, InS Services

Some of you may have read details of the standard ISO 21469 which covers ‘Safety of Machinery – Lubricants with Incidental Product Contact – Hygiene requirements,’ and may wonder why the food industry or the lubricants industry need yet another standard to which they should adhere.

Higher standards for hygiene

Issue 1 2009  •  20 February 2009  •  Sarah Krol, Business Unit Manager, NSF

Consumers today make well-informed choices about the food products they purchase. Savvy shoppers have access to a wealth of information and select their products based on brand recognition, nutritional labelling and differentiating attributes such as Certified organic, allergen-free and fair-trade. The food processing industry must continually evolve to keep pace with consumer expectations for safe, nutritional and innovative food products. For example, the demand for ready-to-eat food stuffs requires exceptional standards for cleanliness and hygiene in a food plant.


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