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Biocentrum at the Technical University of Denmark

Issue 4 2007  •  16 November 2007  •  Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen, Lars I. Hellgren and Peter Ruhdal Jensen, BioCentrum DTU

BioCentrum (BiC) is an Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and represents the largest concentration of biotechnological research at university level in Denmark. BiC has a long tradition of food research and teaching and has for many years been involved in different MSc programmes in Food Science and Technology. It is involved with food graduate schools in partnership with the Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Copenhagen (LIFE KU) under the name the Centre for Advanced Food Studies (LMC).

Identification of genetically modified foods – problems and unsolved questions

Issue 3 2007  •  4 September 2007  •  Jan Pedersen and Folmer D. Eriksen, National Institute of Food, Technical University of Denmark

One of the points in the discussion of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is the consumers’ right to choose between foods from GMO (GM-foods) and traditionally produced foods. This discussion has led to the EU regulation requiring labelling of GM food products made from GM plants. However, since it is difficult to keep GM and non-GM plants materials fully separated during growing, transport etc., a threshold for labelling of GM foods was introduced.


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