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Inlabtec - Articles and news items

Inlabtec Serial Diluter: A great addition to the lab!

Featured news  •  18 November 2015  •  Inlabtec

In order to create additional capacity for hygiene monitoring, the microbiology laboratory has purchased an Inlabtec Serial Diluter to simplify and accelerate serial dilutions for plate counts…

Rapid and smooth introduction of the Serial Diluter into routine

Featured news  •  4 September 2015  •  Inlabtec

The Inlabtec Serial Diluter automates and improves serial dilutions for accurate plate counts…

The Inlabtec Serial Diluter boosts productivity of food & feed testing

Featured news  •  4 June 2015  •  iNLABTEC AG

iNLABTEC AG reports on how they have helped an accredited certification body for the German feed, agro and food industry to improve microbiological analysis productivity by simplification and acceleration of routine processes…

More productivity and reliability in microbiological food testing

Featured news  •  22 April 2015  •  Inlabtec AG

The Serial Dilution System of Inlabtec AG, Switzerland, simplifies the traditionally labour-intensive process of serial dilution for viable cell counts and replaces glass tubes with single-use sterile bags…


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