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The decision support tool to select appropriate technologies for specific industries

Issue 5 2010  •  4 November 2010  •  Ariette Matser, Miriam Quataert, Remco Hamoen and Huug de Vries, Wageningen UR, Food & Biobased Research

In past years, it has become clear that the variety and complexity of novel processing methods is a major bottleneck for companies in deciding where to invest. Even though the pros and cons of technologies have been highlighted in various books (HPP, PEF-books, EME etc.), the most appropriate technologies for specific applications often have not been compared directly. Thus, NovelQ has created a decision support tool for companies.

By answering a short list of specific questions, a potential user (e.g. a food manufacturer) can easily evaluate whether a technology is relevant for their products and if implementation is economically feasible.

The NovelQ 10C approach towards SMEs

Issue 5 2010  •  4 November 2010  •  Huug de Vries, Project Coordinator, NovelQ and Huub Lelieveld Executive Committee, Global Harmonisation Initiative

On 18 February 2010, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn – the new Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science – gave a speech at the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union. Mrs Geoghegan-Quinn made two striking remarks:

“My job title covers research, innovation and science. I am glad that President Barroso decided to connect up these different areas. While science and research creates a pool of ideas, innovation policy must bring these ideas to the market. So, it makes sense to link them. In fact, I am the first ever European Commissioner for Innovation – a clear sign of its growing importance for our jobs and growth and our society.”

NovelQ’s contribution to a wide application of novel processing technologies

Issue 3 2010, Past issues  •  30 June 2010  •  Huug de Vries, Project Coordinator, NovelQ

New Food editor Helen Difford spoke with NovelQ Project Coordinator Huug de Vries about the EU-funded integrated project. After five years, the project is drawing to a close and our October issue of New Food will incorporate the NovelQ project findings and what it means for the industry.

NovelQ contributes to Europe’s innovation strategy

Issue 4 2007  •  16 November 2007  •  Huug De Vries, Project Co-ordinator, NovelQ

The European Commission’s (EC) strategy in the past ten years has been changed from stimulating and supporting scientific projects in specific research areas towards more integrated research projects. The term ‘integrated’ refers to multi-disciplinary approaches to address and find answers for complex research questions. In 2000, the definition of the Lisbon Agenda – focused on three per cent innovation rates in Europe, thereby increasing the European competitiveness – has added another dimension, namely a new balance in supporting basic science up to applied research and demonstrations with the goal to achieve successful market implementations of scientific findings[1].


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