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Health & Nutrition - Articles and news items

Lifting the lid on the clean label trend | Health Ingredients Month

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  16 February 2017  •  Lindsey Bagley, BA, CSci, FIFST, Flavour Horizons

Clean label is no longer a trend – it is now the rule and accordingly New Food asks Lindsey Bagley, Flavour Horizons, to delve deeper into one of the industry’s definitive trends…

Vitamin D protects against colds and flu, finds major global study

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  16 February 2017  •  Queen Mary University of London

Research from a London University details the powerful effect of Vitamin D in combat against cold and flu…

The great East/West divide: Asian population more interested in health & nutrition

Industry news  •  14 February 2017  •  Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

Consumers in Asia are far more likely to be interested in healthy eating than those in the western world, according to a new survey of consumer attitudes to diet and nutrition…

Plant-based ingredients and their cognitive benefits | Health Ingredients Month

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  13 February 2017  •  Andrea Zangara, Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University

Ageing is a highly complex process that is associated with many common chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Do plant-based ingredients provide a potential solution…?

Quinoa genome accelerates solutions for food security

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  9 February 2017  •  King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Quinoa could hold the key to feeding the world’s growing population because it can thrive in harsh environments…

Studies show further digestive health benefits for BENEO’s chicory fibre

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  8 February 2017  •  New Food

Two scientific studies show that BENEO’s prebiotic chicory root fibres support digestive health by improving bowel regularity and softening stools…

Washington State residents see limits to healthy food access due to lack of transportation

Industry news  •  8 February 2017  •  Elsevier

Access may not always be easy for those in Washington State, according to a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour…

What is a flavonoid and what can it do for a healthy weight management?

Blogs, Industry news  •  8 February 2017  •  Leslie Beck, Registered Dietitian, Medisys Clinic, Toronto

No doubt you’ve heard that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you manage body weight…? Leslie Beck investigates the value of flavonoids to a healthy weight management…

The hidden dangers behind supplements – experts reveal their worries

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  7 February 2017  •  Queen's University, Belfast

Many herbal supplements contain hidden pharmaceutical ingredients that could be causing serious health risks say experts from Queen’s, Belfast…

Healthy food? It’s out of reach for most of us | Health Ingredients Month

Blogs, Health Ingredients Month, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  6 February 2017  •  Alex Murtough, Field & Marketing Manager, Oppo

A healthy diet is often financially out of reach for consumers. We spoke to Oppo Ice Cream about why the #DontTaxHealthy campaign is so important…

Defining the term ‘natural’ in food and beverage | Health Ingredients Month

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  2 February 2017  •  Petr Menšík| Manager, EU Affairs| ECCO, The European Consulting Company

The ‘natural’ trend is one of the biggest at present in the food and beverage industry. Just how important is a clear definition of what precisely constitutes natural for the industry? Petr Mensik investigates…

Can beetroot help relieve muscle pain after exercise? | Health Ingredients Month

Blogs, Health Ingredients Month, Z Homepage Promo  •  26 January 2017  •  Tom Clifford, PhD, Sport and Exercise Nutrition, University of Northumbria

As part of new Food’s Health Ingredients Month, we hear from UK academic Tom Clifford and his research on beetroot as the new muscle pain relief superpower following heavy exercise…

Can mushrooms really delay or prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Industry news  •  25 January 2017  •  Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers

Certain edible and medicinal mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that may enhance nerve growth in the brain and protect against neurotoxic stimuli according to recent findings…

‘Life’s too short for slow proteins’ – Arla Foods Ingredients strengthens its whey hydrolysates portfolio

Industry news  •  25 January 2017  •  New Food

Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled a new generation of whey hydrolysates set to take gold standard proteins into the mainstream sports nutrition market…

Scientific breakthrough identifies genuine Mānuka honey

Industry news  •  24 January 2017  •  New Food

Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association discovers unique signature compounds…


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