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Food Safety Supplement 2012

Issue 1 2012, Supplements  •  27 February 2012  •  Jessica Evans, Gun Wirtanen, Satu Salo, Ricardo F. Luna

How are lubricants affected by food safety regulations? (Jessica Evans, Business Unit Manager, Nonfood Compounds, NSF International)
Microbial limits for food processing surfaces (Gun Wirtanen & Satu Salo, VTT Expert Devices)
Past, present and future of food safety (Ricardo F. Luna, Senior Quality Specialist, Nestec SA)

Fruitful improvements in dairy hygiene

Issue 3 2005, Past issues  •  29 July 2005  •  Gun Wirtanen and Satu Salo, VTT Biotechnology, Espoo, Finland

The project ‘DairyNET – Hygiene control in dairies’ was built both on common synergy tasks performed in all Nordic countries and on national research studies. The synergy tasks dealt with rapid detection of cleaning agents and disinfectants residues, detection of organic soil in processing equipment hot spots and detection of moulds contaminating cheese. The national research dealt with a checklist for hygiene control; milk quality through the whole process line; air quality; contamination routes for Listeria; quality of process waters; efficiency of CIP procedures; hygiene in supply systems; ultrasound cleaning procedures; bacterial resistance to disinfectants; hygienic design and integrated hygiene systems.


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