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Less water and energy used to make beer – new global brewery survey shows

Industry news, News  •  6 August 2013  •  Campden BRI

Breweries have reduced their energy usage by over 9% & water usage by over 17%…

Keeping up-to-date with instruments for the brewing industry

Issue 5 2011  •  1 November 2011  •  Catherine O’Shaughnessy, Gordon Jackson, Jessica Leclaire and Karin Pawlowsky, Campden BRI

Campden BRI’s instrument assessment service and instrument comparison website enable staff within the food and drink industries keep up-to date with new and forthcoming instruments. The services save users time, money and effort on obtaining information and provides assessment reports that are unavailable elsewhere.

New instruments are being developed all the time for the testing of food and drink and therefore it is difficult for staff within these industries to know whether a particular instrument will fulfil their requirements. Having an instrument evaluated can be costly part of doing business, as each client may request different features as part of the evaluation process. Campden BRI’s new instrument assessment service can help keep these costs down by providing an independent evaluation of new and existing equipment. The performance of new instruments is compared against existing techniques. Instruments are also assessed on their suitability for use, including ease of use, robustness and ease of cleaning. The scope of any evaluation is viewed in advance by advisors in the food and drinks industries, thus ensuring that the assessment meets the needs of the industry. The work is carried out at Campden BRI by trained, experienced staff. Once completed, the assessment report can with permission from the client be publicised on the Campden BRI Instruments website (www.compareinstruments.com) and/or in the food and drinks press. Some of the instrument assessments which have been undertaken are summarised in this article.


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