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New Campden BRI research improves oven efficiency, saving up to £14,000 on running costs

Industry news  •  24 November 2014  •  Campden BRI

Campden BRI research into the flow of air in bakery ovens has helped in the development of a new oven system which is around 5% more efficient than a conventional setup oven…

Temperature and humidity effects on baking

Issue 6 2013  •  2 January 2014  •  Gary Tucker and Graham Duckworth, Baking and Cereal Processing Department, Campden BRI

The production of baked goods such as bread, cake, biscuits and pastry requires a number of processing steps between which there exists significant interaction. This article considers the influence of temperature and humidity control in industrial or plant bakeries and how this can impact on product quality. The stages of mixing, forming, proving, baking and cooling are considered. Bread is most sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and so this article discusses these effects on bread but makes reference to other baked products as required…

Recent applied research in baking at Campden BRI

Issue 4 2009  •  12 December 2009  •  Gary Tucker, Head of Bakery & Cereal Processing Department, Campden BRI

At Campden BRI, the Department of Baking & Cereal Processing aims to combine science and technology in order to provide technical support for the international baking and cereal processing industries. The success of the Department is based on a broad, practical experience of cereal and bakery technologies that enables it to help customers resolve ingredient and processing problems, and to measure ingredient and product quality.


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