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Camouflage apples: an exciting new quality assurance spy

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  23 March 2017  •  Empa

A sensor developed at Empa solves this problem. It looks like a piece of fruit and acts like a piece of fruit – but is actually a spy.

81% of consumers would buy imperfect fruit and vegetables

Industry news  •  28 February 2017  •  New Food

All major UK supermarkets have responded to pressures to reduce waste and embrace wonky vegetables and ugly fruit. Most consumers are also happy to buy…

What is a flavonoid and what can it do for a healthy weight management?

Blogs, Industry news  •  8 February 2017  •  Leslie Beck, Registered Dietitian, Medisys Clinic, Toronto

No doubt you’ve heard that eating more fruits and vegetables can help you manage body weight…? Leslie Beck investigates the value of flavonoids to a healthy weight management…

Jaffa Orri mandarin export sales expected to increase by 50%

Industry news  •  25 January 2017  •  New Food

The Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel predicts an export increase of 50% for Jaffa Orri mandarin fruit in 2017…

Fastest-growing products 2016: Sparkling wine, the ‘free from’ trend and fresh fruit

Industry news  •  21 December 2016  •  New Food

The British public’s desire to eat more healthily has propelled fresh fruit and ‘free-from’ to become the fastest-growing products at supermarkets this year…

Germany, official FRUIT LOGISTICA 2017 partner country, wants to strengthen exports

Featured news  •  2 December 2016  •  FRUIT LOGISTICA

FRUIT LOGISTICA celebrates its 25th anniversary on 8-10 February 2017…

Cold pressing and HPP with Guka Tavberidze, Founder and CEO of Savse Smoothies

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  24 October 2016  •  Guka Tavberidze, Founder and CEO of Savse Smoothies

Unlike other smoothie brands, Savse cold-press the highest quality ingredients to retain the essential goodness of the fruit and vegetables…

Dried fruit: dispelling the sugar myth

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  16 August 2016  •  Jennette Higgs, Consultant Dietitian, California Prune Board

Jennette Higgs, International Dietitian and Consultant discusses and dispels the false myth of dried fruit as a sugar-filled dentist’s nightmare…

Review casts doubt on advice that dried fruit is detrimental to dental health

Industry news  •  3 August 2016  •  Roy Manuell

California Prunes is delighted with a new independent review just published online in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, which casts doubt on the common perception that eating dried fruit is detrimental to dental health…

Daily fruit and veg boosts happiness, study finds

Industry news  •  11 July 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

A study exploring the benefits that fruit and vegetables can have for psychological well-being has demonstrated that they can increase happiness levels…

Leicester scientists ‘sniff’ out the ripeness of mangoes

Industry news  •  10 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Scientists have discovered a way to ‘sniff’ the ripeness of mangoes by identifying the fruit’s unique chemical signature of ripening…

Ultra-thin silk coating extends the life of fruits

Industry news  •  6 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Engineers have demonstrated that fruits can stay fresh for more than a week without refrigeration when coated in an odourless, biocompatible silk solution…

The essential guide to growing fruits all year long

Blogs  •  4 May 2016  •  Lisa Farland, Content Writer, Happy to Survive

Here, Lisa Farland of Happy to Survive discusses growing fruit and provides some useful tips on the subject in an infographic…


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