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Approval of Scheme of Arrangement for acquisition of Foster’s Group Limited

Industry news, News  •  2 December 2011  •  SABMiller

The Supreme Court of Victoria has approved the Scheme of Arrangement pursuant to which SABMiller will acquire the shares in Foster’s…

SABMiller confirms FIRB approval to acquire Foster’s Group Ltd

Industry news, News  •  25 November 2011  •  SABMiller

The Australian Federal Treasurer on recommendation from the FIRB, has approved SABMiller’s acquisition of Foster’s…

Recommended Proposal to Acquire Foster’s at A$5.10 per share

Industry news, News  •  21 September 2011  •  SABMiller

SABMiller announces that it has agreed with Foster’s a recommended cash offer to Foster’s shareholders at A$5.10 per share…

SABMiller plc to make takeover offer for Foster’s Group Ltd at A$4.90 per share

Industry news, News  •  17 August 2011  •  SABMiller plc

SABMiller proposes, to make a conditional, off-market, cash takeover offer for all of the issued shares in Foster’s…

SABMiller plc proposal to acquire Foster’s Group Limited

Industry news, News  •  21 June 2011  •  SABMiller

SABMiller has made a non-binding, conditional proposal to the Board of Directors of Foster’s to acquire all of Foster’s shares…


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