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The need to adapt

Issue 6 2010  •  15 December 2010  •  Toyota Material Handling Europe

Forklift trucks have been the established method for moving and storing goods in the food and beverage industry for decades, and while the basic concept of a unit load conveyed by two forks has largely remained constant, the types of truck employed have evolved in the quest for improved use of space and maximum productivity at the lowest cost.

Partnership with fishing industry proves a winner

Issue 3 2010  •  30 June 2010  •  Toyota Material Handling

The harsh working environment of Norway’s fish production industry means that forklift trucks must be built to the highest order to survive and thrive. Enter Toyota Material Handling Norway. Strictly speaking, Fjordlaks Aqua AS (Fjordlaks means ‘Fjord Salmon’ in Norwegian) should not really be called Fjordlaks at all. It neither breeds, butchers, nor sells a single salmon. However, this is a company whose fish output is nothing short of prodigious, racking up around 20,000 tonnes of cod alone each year at its factory in Ålesund, located on the west coast of Norway and one of the country’s most important fishing harbours.


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