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PCE Instruments introduce new inline moisture sensor for food and other media

Featured news  •  4 November 2016  •  PCE Instruments

In 2015, PCE Instruments introduced some new moisture sensors for inline measurement to reduce machine downtime in production processes and thus operating and maintenance costs, and also to ensure consistent product quality…

Detecting metal in meat with meatLINE™

Featured news  •  23 May 2016  •  BUNTING Magnetics Europe Ltd

The meatLINE™ Metal Separator for vacuum fillers has been launched by Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd to provide processors with a solution to the problem of metal contamination in meat slurries and pastes…

The importance of viscosity measurement in food production and processing

Featured news  •  13 April 2016  •  PCE Instruments

High-quality food is becoming increasingly important to consumers. In this industrial sector, manufacturing products that meet the high demands of the end users poses a challenge to analysts…

Stancold launch innovative new website

Featured news  •  10 September 2015  •  Stancold

Stancold, specialists in temperature controlled hygienic and fire rated areas since 1946, have recently launched an innovative new website truly standing out from the dull, dry and old fashioned websites one normally encounters in the UK construction industry…

Mass spectrometry for determining food contamination

Issue 6 2014  •  23 December 2014  •  Angela Calder, Senior Scientist, Leatherhead Food Research

One of the constant headaches of the food industry is the issue of contamination. This may be as the result of contaminants in the environment or deliberate tampering of food products; the underhand practice of food adulteration is a threat wherever costs can be cut. To identify such deliberate contamination of food products requires analytical techniques which are able to screen not only for what might be used to adulterate a product but also for the unexpected…

New applications of PCR in food control

Issue 3 2010, Past issues  •  30 June 2010  •  Jeffrey Hoorfar Research Manager & Professor of Food Microbiology, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

PCR testing of pathogens has gained widespread use in quality control laboratories throughout the food industry. Many excellent easy-to-use commercial kits are now available for a wide range of microorganisms. But are there any other potential uses for PCR other than a simple plus/minus response that indicates presence or absence of a pathogen harmful to consumers? And why is it important for the food industry to make more use out of PCR testing?


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