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Fats - Articles and news items

How modifying fat content in soybean oil improves efficiency

Industry news  •  17 February 2017  •  Institute for Basic Science

A discussion of the process behind editing two genes that contribute to the fat contents of soybean oil using the new CRISPR-Cpf1 technology…

Effect of hydrodynamic postprocessing on properties of protein rich and low fat yoghurts

Issue 6 2016  •  13 December 2016  •  Cyril Chaudemanche, R&D Senior Scientist, General Mills One Global Dairy – Vienne Technical Center, Yoplait

Consumers’ expectations are transitioning progressively towards healthier lifestyles and their purchasing behaviour is now mainly driven by authentic, simple and naturally healthy products…

Are dairy fats beneficial for good health?

Industry news  •  8 November 2016  •  New Food

Fats are actually beneficial for people’s health, and dairy fats have an important role to play say experts at Fonterra…

Omega-3 and Omega-6 supplements would improve reading for children

Industry news  •  14 September 2016  •  

Supplement of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may improve reading skills of mainstream schoolchildren, according to a new study from Sahlgrenska Academy, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Functional lipids in beverage products

Issue 3 2016  •  30 June 2016  •  Guillermo E. Napolitano, PhD, Expert Scientist, Nestlé Development Center

The last decade has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the development of beverage products containing healthier oils and nutritionally active lipid ingredients. There has been a significant shift from the use of relatively unhealthy, but chemically stable, fats rich in saturated and trans fatty acids (TFA), to healthy and chemically unstable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids. As a consequence, research resources also shifted from the more conventional aspects of the physico-chemical properties of bulk fats to more complex problems of lipids oxidation in bulk, disperse phases and oil in water emulsions…

A sample preparation primer on lipid analysis in foods – A personal perspective

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  29 June 2016  •  Dr W. Jeffrey Hurst, (formerly) Principal Scientist, Hershey Company Technical Center

Here, Dr W. Jeffrey Hurst provides some initial perspective into a complex topic – lipid analysis…

Omega-3 status map highlights possible public health issue

Industry news  •  20 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

A new study indicates that adults in most regions of the world have a low to very low status of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs)…

Controversial report says official advice on a low-fat diet is wrong

Industry news  •  23 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

NOF are calling for a complete overhaul of dietary advice and public health messaging, saying current low-fat diet advice is based on ‘flawed science’…

Why the UK’s coconut oil industry is heating up

Issue 1 2016  •  22 February 2016  •  Emma Woods, Technical Manager, Phoenix Speciality Oils

The rise in popularity of cold pressed coconut oil has been one of the UK food industry’s great recent success stories. However this food oil, and the manufacturing challenges it presents, are unlike any other.

Fat functionality in emulsified foods

Issue 5 2015  •  28 October 2015  •  Geoff Talbot, The Fat Consultant

An emulsion is a fine dispersion of liquid droplets in another liquid continuous phase in which the droplets are immiscible or insoluble. In food terms, the two phases are generally oils and water. Food emulsions tend to take one of two forms – either oil in water (O/W), e.g. cream and mayonnaise, or water in oil (W/O), e.g. butter and spreads – although more complex duplex emulsions such as water in oil in water (W/O/W) and its opposite oil in water in oil (O/W/O) are also possible. In simplistic terms, water is water but oils can differ in their properties and functionality so what is the best oil to use for a specific food emulsion? In this article, the basic properties of fats that play a role in this choice will be described and how these are important in food emulsions will be discussed…

AAK acquires 51% stake in Kamani oil and fat company

Industry news  •  25 September 2015  •  Victoria White

The acquisition reinforces AAK’s speciality oils and fats strategy and offers the company a strong foothold in India…

Fat & Sugar Reduction: PepsiCo R&D, a catalyst for change in the food and beverage industry

Issue 4 2015  •  1 September 2015  •  Dr. Mehmood Khan, Vice Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of Global R&D, PepsiCo

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. To satisfy the world’s appetite, we must constantly adapt, evolve and innovate. Our Global Research and Development (R&D) organisation is a catalyst for change, transforming our company and its portfolio. That is why R&D is working closely with our business partners to deliver on today’s brand and market priorities as well as the growth opportunities of tomorrow…

Ingredient replacement in low fat mayonnaise: Going with the flow

Issue 3 2015  •  30 June 2015  •  Dr Bogdan Dobraszczyk and John Cawkwell, Physical Sciences Group, RSSL

We discuss the microstructure and some rheological aspects of commercial mayonnaises, ranging from a traditional mayonnaise to lower fat content mayonnaises and finally a low cost supermarket own brand mayonnaise…

The art of oil processing consistency

Issue 2 2015  •  23 April 2015  •  Emma Woods, Technical Manager, Phoenix Speciality Oils

Ensuring consistency during the production of high quality, extra virgin cold pressed oils doesn’t begin at the pressing or filling lines – it starts years before that. The actual process of creating seed oils isn’t that complicated. Seeds get pressed, solids get removed and the remaining oil is then filtered down to at least the FSA’s minimum level of purity. Beyond that, there’s not a huge amount of processing effort required – just filling into bottles, packing for transit and then despatch. The reality for manufacturers of cold pressed rapeseed oil, like many other food producers, is that the hard work involved in producing high quality, natural, consistent fast moving consumer goods begins long before the materials arrive on site for processing, two, three or four years before…

Great tasting low-fat cheeses and cakes could soon be on the menu

Industry news  •  16 July 2014  •  Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt scientists have been involved in research which could produce low-fat cheeses and cakes that are just as tempting as full-fat equivalents…

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