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Engilico nominated as one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Belgium

Featured news  •  2 November 2016  •  Engilico

This nomination by Deloitte is a great recognition for the entire Engilico team and for its patented SealScope™ product…

SealScope growing number of compatible machines

Featured news  •  18 October 2016  •  Engilico

More and more leading companies in the food, pet care and pharma industry throughout the world are successfully using SealScope™ to improve their outgoing packaging quality, monitor their production and reduce their packaging cost…

Distribution partnership BFR Groupe

Featured news  •  19 May 2016  •  Engilico

Engilico announces its distribution partnership with BFR Groupe, one of the leading distributors of packaging machinery…

Movie: sealing monitoring & inspection technology on pouch packaging line

Featured news  •  19 February 2016  •  Engilico

Thanks to SealScope™, Lutèce, a leading Dutch mushroom processing company, has improved the performance of its newly installed Leepack pouch filling machine…

Better seal quality and higher output convinces Dutch cheese co-packer to implement second SealScope™

Featured news  •  15 December 2015  •  Engilico

After the successful integration of its first SealScope™ inspection system on a horizontal flow pack line in 2014, Hazeleger Cheese* decided to install the SealScope™ technology on a second packaging line…


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