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Whitepaper: Improve CIP efficiency

Whitepapers, Z Homepage Promo  •  20 October 2016  •  The Endress+Hauser Group

In this whitepaper, find out the three segmented approaches to improve the CIP process by utilizing suitable instrumentation…

Food Safety supplement 2013

Issue 1 2013, Supplements  •  22 February 2013  •  Dr Hilde Kruse, Helen Bahia, Knuth Lorenzen

Antibiotic resistance: a major concern for food safety (Dr Hilde Kruse, Programme Manager Food Safety, WHO Regional Office for Europe)
Meat contamination in Europe (Helen Bahia, Editor, New Food)
CIP tank farm arrangements (Knuth Lorenzen, EHEDG President)

EHEDG Supplement 2012

Issue 2 2012, Supplements  •  2 May 2012  •  Delphine Chasseriaud, Kim Yeomans, Flemming Skou

CIP station: Technology for high security and hygiene quality
(Delphine Chasseriaud, EHEDG Member)
CIP cleaning of processed food fouled membrane installations is a process step
(Kim Yeomans & Flemming Skou, EHEDG Members)

Re-adhesion of bacterial spores during CIP procedures

Issue 6 2010  •  15 December 2010  •  Christine Faille, INRA, UR638 Interface processes and hygiene of materials

Cleaning In Place (CIP) procedures have to ensure hygiene in food processing lines by the complete removal of bacteria from surfaces. However, a significant number of residual microorganisms are often still observed following CIP. At INRA, we put forward the hypothesis that some of the detached micro-organisms might re-adhere downstream. Therefore, we investigated the occurrence of this phenomenon along a processing line and evaluated the extent of the re-adhesion.


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