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Campylobacter - Articles and news items

Campylobacter most prevalent in poultry in late summer

Industry news  •  2 December 2016  •  New Food

According to a recent study, Campylobacter is considerably more common in Finnish poultry meat towards the end of summer than at any other time of the year…

FSA publishes the latest results from its chicken campylobacter survey

Industry news  •  26 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The results continue to show a decrease both in the number of birds with campylobacter on them and those with the highest level of contamination…

FSA publishes latest campylobacter survey results

Industry news  •  26 February 2016  •  Victoria White

The results continue to show a decrease in the number of birds with the highest level of campylobacter contamination…

Food Safety: a shared responsibility for Campylobacter

Blogs  •  15 February 2016  •  Yvonne Wood, Operations Manager for Intertek Food Services, UK

Here, Yvonne Wood takes a look at Campylobacter and the controls that the poultry industry are introducing to improve the situation. She also calls for greater consumer awareness and highlights the measures consumers can take to diminish the risks of food poisoning…

New Food’s top 10 stories from 2015

Blogs  •  28 January 2016  •  Stephanie Anthony, Editor, New Food

New Food magazine have put together our highlights of 2015, based on what our readers have been looking at most…

Monitoring chicken behaviour could predict Campylobacter risk

Industry news  •  6 January 2016  •  Victoria White

A new technique that monitors the movement of chickens could be used to predict which flocks are at risk of becoming infected with Campylobacter…

Campylobacteriosis and listeriosis cases rising in the EU

Industry news  •  22 December 2015  •  Victoria White

The latest annual report by EFSA and ECDC has found that human cases of listeriosis and campylobacteriosis rose once again in 2014, continuing an upward trend that began in 2008…

Retailers ‘getting to grips’ with campylobacter, says FSA

Industry news  •  20 November 2015  •  Victoria White

The FSA has published the first set of results from its second year survey of campylobacter on fresh shop-bought chickens…

Tesco on target for reducing Campylobacter levels

Industry news  •  16 November 2015  •  Victoria White

New data compiled by Tesco has found that chicken which contain Campylobacter at the highest level has fallen to less than 9% in the third quarter this year…

Intertek launches expert Campylobacter testing facility

Industry news  •  6 October 2015  •  Victoria White

Intertek has launched the testing facility for all poultry processors and manufacturers, to support the supermarket industry and help reduce cases of Campylobacter food poisoning…

The UK poultry market: can chicken overcome campylobacter?

Industry news  •  23 September 2015  •  Victoria White

The UK poultry market continued to expand at an impressive rate in 2014, but this upward trend is being threatened by recent revelations regarding the prevalence of campylobacter in supermarket chicken…

Cargill installs SonoSteam technology to tackle Campylobacter

Industry news  •  17 September 2015  •  Victoria White

SonoSteam uses a combination of steam and ultrasound to kill microorganisms such as Campylobacter on the skin and internal cavities of chicken…

FSA publishes final report on Campylobacter on chickens

Industry news  •  10 September 2015  •  Victoria White

The report is an analysis of the data from the survey carried out by the FSA between February 2014 and March 2015, which showed the levels of Campylobacter on 4,011 samples of whole, UK-produced, fresh chicken…

FSA publishes results from year-long survey of campylobacter on fresh chickens

Industry news  •  28 May 2015  •  Victoria White

The FSA has published the final set of results from its year-long survey of campylobacter, a food bug mainly found on raw poultry and on fresh chickens…

FSA launches ‘Chicken Challenge’ to help reduce the number of campylobacter food poisoning cases in the UK

Industry news  •  18 May 2015  •  Victoria White

Up to a third of the UK population could contract food poisoning from campylobacter during their lifetime, according to new figures released by the FSA…


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