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Whitepaper: Growing appetite for protein

Whitepapers, Z Homepage Promo  •  6 June 2016  •  Buchi

Buchi’s latest case study with Kent Scientific Services sets out how the Dumas Combustion method can assist you with your routine Protein Analysis in food and feed…

Application Notes supplement 2015

Issue 6 2015, Supplements  •  9 December 2015  •  New Food

Our new supplement features Application Notes from SHIMADZU, Biolan Microbiosensores, Anton Paar, BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, Bruker BioSpin and Novasina AG…

Solutions for the entire production cycle for alcoholic beverages

Featured news  •  16 October 2014  •  BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

BÜCHI Labortechnik AG, a leading supplier in key technology for laboratory equipment, offers solutions for the entire product lifecycle in the of alcoholic beverages industry…

Whitepaper: NIR Spectroscopy and Wine – Class-modeling for the characterization of Italian red wine

Whitepapers  •  1 September 2014  •  BUCHI

Near-infrared spectroscopy, combined with multivariate data analysis, was applied in order to distinguish wine samples according to the grape variety…

Whitepaper: Pressurized solvent extraction – decreasing the extraction time of different samples

Whitepapers  •  1 July 2014  •  Buchi

Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE) of mineral oil hydrocarbons in cardboard and bisphenol A in canned food…

Rapid Methods & Mass Spectrometry supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements  •  2 January 2014  •  Erwan Engel, Jérémy Ratel, Christelle Planche, Andrew G. Gehring, Lili He, Angela Calder

Back-tracing environmental toxicants in an animal-derived food chain based on food metabolomics
Detecting bacteria in food: harder than searching for a needle in a haystack?
Rapid detection methods for chemical hazards in foods
Mass spectrometry for the food industry

Whatever it takes for protein analysis: Kjeldahl, Dumas, or NIR

Webinars  •  30 September 2013  •  François Bourdichon (Barry Callebaut ), William Ickes, Jürgen Müller & Giovanni Campolongo (BÜCHI)

Whereas Kjeldahl is a proven method for all kind of sample matrices, Dumas excels in unattended processing at high throughput, and NIR is matchless in terms of immediate and comprehensive multi-component analysis. BUCHI introduces you to the Master series, which includes the KjelMaster, DuMaster, and NIRMaster instruments for protein analysis…

New Food speaks with BUCHI at the IFT show

Video  •  29 August 2013  •  Claire Singleton, New Food

Interview with Bill Ickes, Product Manager, BUCHI Corporation at IFT 2013…

120 samples per day – the new Kjeldahl system

Video  •  1 August 2013  •  BUCHI

While the original Kjeldahl method is time consuming involving a high degree of manual labor, BUCHI’s latest innovation allows for a sample throughput of 120 samples in a single working day with just one set of instruments. The key to the high throughput is perfectly synchronized and optimized process steps from digestion to result generation.

15th Anniversary Supplement

Issue 5 2012, Supplements  •  8 November 2012  •  Albert Zwijgers / Lilia Ahrné / Petra Wissenburg / Supriya Varma

“But it still needs to be made …” (Albert Zwijgers – Innovation Agent Food and Health, Food & Nutrition Delta, Professor of Technology and Ingredients, University of Applied Sciences HAS Den Bosch)
Tailored food processing for better food quality (Lilia Ahrné – Director, Department for Process and Technology Development, SIK)
The evolution of product quality testing in food manufacturing (Petra Wissenburg – Corporate Quality Projects Director and Head of the Global Laboratory Center, Danone)
Advancements in the area of food chemistry (Supriya Varma – Scientist, Frito-Lay (PepsiCo))

In a nutshell: Ruedi Hartmann, BUCHI

Interviews, Issue 3 2012  •  3 July 2012  •  Helen Bahia, Editor, New Food

Ruedi Hartmann, Product Group Manager Distillation & Extraction, discusses the Kjeldahl method and how BUCHI are still innovating with a century-old process.


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