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Brexit - Articles and news items

Brexit fails to dampen mood as UK food and beverage exports break £20bn

Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  21 February 2017  •  New Food

Total exports of food and drink in 2016 grew by 10.5% to a record figure of more than £20bn…

Will modern American farming methods soon dominate British agriculture?

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  9 February 2017  •  Slow Food International

New bilateral trade agreements between the UK and the USA could see the former being forced to lift restrictions on food imports from the latter…

The Food and Drink Federation’s response to UK Government’s industrial strategy

Industry news  •  23 January 2017  •  New Food

As UK Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to unveil a new, more interventionist, industrial strategy on Monday 23 January, that is designed to boost the post-Brexit UK economy, we hear from FDF Director General Ian Wright CBE…

The top 10 things 2016 taught us

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  15 December 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Editor

We’ve identified the top 10 things that the last twelve months taught us. Here are our highlights (or lowlights dependent on your viewpoint) from 2016…

Regulation: How Brexit is shaping up

Blogs, Issue 6 2016, Z Homepage Promo  •  13 December 2016  •  Jerry Houseago

Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director at NSF International EMEA details what Brexit might mean and what is already happening to the food industry in the UK…

Regulation: How Brexit is shaping up

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  30 November 2016  •  Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA

For the food industry, nothing has changed as a result of Brexit – yet. Jerry Houseago, Consulting Director, NSF International EMEA, looks at the longer-term implications for the food industry…

UK farming unions and processors unite on trade and labour issues post-brexit

Industry news  •  2 November 2016  •  New Food

During the meeting at Stoneleigh on Monday 31 October 2016, the Presidents unveiled their post-Brexit thinking on a range of policies…

Uni-leaver: Tesco pull Marmite and Unilever products over price row

Industry news  •  13 October 2016  •  New Food

UK supermarket giant Tesco have pulled Marmite and other Unilever products from their shelves amid an argument over Brexit price rises…

Brexit leaves fragile food manufacturing industry confidence, FDF reveal

Industry news  •  12 October 2016  •  New Food

Concerns are mounting within the UK food and drink manufacturing industry a survey of Food and Drink Federation (FDF) members published today reveals…

Food and drink sector shrugs off Brexit concerns

Industry news  •  7 September 2016  •  Lloyds Bank

Food and drink firms in England and Wales have raised their growth forecasts and plan to create more than 75,000 new jobs over the next five years, despite uncertainty following the EU Referendum vote…

Tougher post-Brexit regulation needed on farming antibiotics say officials

Industry news  •  6 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

Politicians and campaigners have urged Brexit negotiators to push for tougher rules on farming antibiotics as fresh information is uncovered regarding the superbug and UK supermarkets…

Brexit permits new dissuasive sugar and salt packaging labelling

Industry news  •  19 August 2016  •  Roy Manuell

Britain’s exit from the European Union has allowed for a new way to dissuade the public from purchasing products with excessive levels of sugar and salt…

British beer could beat Brexit blues for local pubs

Industry news  •  4 August 2016  •  SIBA

SIBA, the Society of Independent Brewers, is predicting a boost in consumer passion for British beers from local craft breweries as past experience of economic down-turn shows consumers to prefer prefer local ales over mainstream beers.

Survey shows UK food companies pessimistic after Brexit vote

Industry news  •  29 July 2016  •  Stephanie Anthony, Editor New Food

UK food companies are more pessimistic than their European neighbours in the wake of the country’s decision to exit the European Union…

EU Referendum: Tell us what you think…

Blogs  •  20 June 2016  •  Stephanie Anthony, New Food Editor

With only days to go until Britain holds a referendum on its EU membership, we can’t help but wonder how you feel…


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