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bioMérieux launches groundbreaking Salmonella detection technology to improve food safety

Featured news, News  •  2 August 2011  •  bioMérieux

bioMérieux, announced the launch of a new, innovative food safety testing method…

IAFP names bioMérieux, Inc. as recipient of the prestigious Black Pearl Award

Industry news, News  •  31 May 2011  •  IAFP

The IAFP selected bioMérieux, Inc., as the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Black Pearl Award…

Yeast forensics: methods for identification and tracking

Issue 4 2008  •  3 December 2008  •  Dr Suzanne Jordan, ­Molecular Methods Manager, Campden BRI

Yeasts are a diverse range of organisms, many of which are beneficial to the food and drinks industry in fermentation and the flavour development of dairy, meat and beverage products. There are also strains that spoil products, resulting either in blowing packs or off odours and flavours.


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