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The environmental impact of bread: From farm to fork

Industry news  •  28 February 2017  •  Roy Manuell | Digital Editor

Bread, a staple of the Western diet, is unveiled as a secret pollutant following a study from the University of Sheffield…

4 ways the baking industry can react to current consumer trends

Blogs, Industry news, Z Homepage Promo  •  22 February 2017  •  Mark Hughes, CEO Anderson Partners; Monica Ginsburg

It’s time to cash in on a growing consumer demand for health and transparency say Anderson Partners…

How to solve the issue of allergens in the bakery

Blogs, Z Homepage Promo  •  9 January 2017  •  Rene Duchesne, Food Safety Manager, Cavalier Candies Ltd.

We asked Rene Duchesne, Food Safety Manager at Cavalier Candies Ltd. to give New Food an insight into the problems we might encounter in the bakery…

The role of dietary fibre in gluten-free bakery products

Issue 6 2016  •  13 December 2016  •  Clara Talens; Saioa Alvarez-Sabatel; Yolanda Ríos, AZTI

The market for gluten-free products that are nutritious and palatable is growing exponentially as more people are choosing a gluten-free diet out of necessity or personal preference…

A closer look at… GBBO Week #8: Life on Marzipan

Blogs, Great British Bake Off, Z Homepage Promo  •  13 October 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

In the latest of our Great British Bake Off feature we talk you through the process of making marzipan…

‘Ready for industry’: Puratos UK unveil new €1.5 million innovation centre

Industry news  •  12 September 2016  •  New Food

Global baking experts, Puratos, announce the grand unveiling of a €1.5m world class Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire, England…

Whitworths buys flour milling operations from Carr’s

Industry news  •  5 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

Whitworths Holdings Ltd. has bought the flour milling section of international agricultural and engineering conglomerate Carr’s in a £36m transaction….

Clif bar leading the way in sustainability as it opens new Idaho bakery

Industry news  •  2 September 2016  •  Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer

Clif Bar & Company, the American energy food company, has opened its first self-owned baking facility following a $90 million investment…

Improving the mould free shelf life of bakery products

Issue 4 2016  •  24 August 2016  •  Michael Adams, Bakery Science Section Manager, Campden BRI and Nicole Maher, Senior Bakery Scientist, Campden BRI

Mould free shelf life (MFSL) is a critical parameter in the bakery industry. Formulation and parameters such as Aw and the use of preservatives such as propionates and sorbates are traditionally used to ensure the length of MFSL is acceptable to consumers, retailers and manufacturers…

Baking supplement 2016

Issue 4 2016, Supplements, Z Homepage Promo  •  18 August 2016  •  New Food

In this Baking supplement: Improving the mould free shelf life of bakery products; Sequences reveal the bacterial composition of an ancient sourdough for making croissants; And much more…

NFF invests £1.2m in new baking production capabilities

Industry news  •  9 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Northumbrian Fine Foods (NFF), the UK’s biggest gluten-free biscuit manufacturer, is investing £1.2m in new baking production capabilities…

Edme taps into the talent of young food scientists

Industry news  •  2 June 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Edme recently offered a Nottingham University Food Science student, James Huscroft, the opportunity to get involved in the process validation for WholeSoft….

The Bertinet Bakery launches new sliced sourdough loaf range

Industry news  •  23 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

The Bertinet Bakery has developed a sourdough range baked in a tin that can offer similar usage and keeping qualities but without any of the additives…

Krispy Kreme to be acquired by JAB Beech for $1.35 billion

Industry news  •  11 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

At the close of the transaction, Krispy Kreme will be privately owned and will continue to be independently operated from its current headquarters…

Fat systems that lower saturated fat in baked goods

Industry news  •  4 May 2016  •  Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Cargill scientists have created fat systems that lower saturated fat by as much as 40% in shortenings, without compromising finished product attributes…


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