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From waste product to food ingredient: The extraction of abundant plant protein RuBisCo

Issue 2 2011  •  13 May 2011  •  Fred van de Velde, Group Leader Ingredient Technology, and Arno Alting, Project Manager Applied Protein Technology, and Laurice Pouvreau, Project Manager Vegetable – Derived Ingredients, NIZO Protein Centre, NIZO food research

Due to an ever-growing population, proteins extracted from existing agricultural side-streams are of high interest for food processors. RuBisCO, being the most abundant protein in the world, is a very good candidate for food applications. However, up to now, the greenish colour associated with RuBisCO preparations made consumer acceptance very difficult. NIZO food research has developed a simple and up-scalable extraction process for RuBisCO yielding to a colourless protein isolate with a high percentage of undenatured protein (Figure 1 opposite). Moreover, the protein isolate displays promising techno-functional properties, such as a high foam volume and stability and a heat-induced gelation at low protein content (two per cent w/w).

Proteins: a source of clean label ingredients

Issue 1 2009  •  20 February 2009  •  Fred van de Velde & Arno Alting, Project Managers Ingredient Technology, NIZO food research

Consumer awareness of additives drives the industry to launch natural and/or clean label products. Products without added flavours and colourings or with only natural flavours and colours are well known in the market. However, further cleaning of the product label is thorough as it focuses on functional additives and texturising ingredients, such as stabilisers, thickeners, emulsifiers and preservatives. Research at NIZO food research demonstrated that proteins are a unique source of clean label ingredients with opportunities to tailor their functionality, not only as texturising ingredients but also as preservatives.