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FSA reiterates advice about dangers of children consuming raw drinking milk

Industry news  •  7 November 2014  •  The Food Standards Agency

In the light of three separate incidents involving six cases of E.coli O157, including five cases in children, potentially linked to the consumption of raw drinking milk, the FSA is reiterating its advice that this sort of milk should not be consumed by children and other vulnerable people…

H R Jasper & Son Limited prosecuted

Industry news  •  1 May 2014  •  The Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency has welcomed the successful prosecution of a Cornwall-based slaughter house for a breach of the regulations introduced to control the risks from BSE…

Local authorities to test for lamb meat substitution

Industry news  •  17 April 2014  •  The Food Standards Agency

The FSA has announced an additional programme of priority testing of lamb dishes from takeaway restaurants across the UK following evidence of ongoing substitution of lamb for cheaper meats…

Meat company fined for hygiene offence

Industry news, News  •  25 April 2012  •  Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Fines and costs of over Ā£20k have been awarded against a company found in breach of meat hygiene regulations…


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