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Diageo completes acquisition of Meta Abo Brewery, Ethiopia

Industry news, News  •  10 January 2012  •  Diageo

Acquisition gives Diageo direct access to fast growing Ethiopian beer market…

NIR and class-modelling methods for brand protection in food and beverages

Issue 4 2011  •  6 September 2011  •  Professor Gerard Downey, Teagasc Food Research Centre Ashtown

The penetration of on-line NIR equipment in the food processing industries continues to grow as companies realise the full potential of this technique. For the most part, it is deployed to monitor concentrations of key components in a raw material or finished food product and, with the use of feedback control systems, rectify deviations from specification before any problems arise. However, NIR spectroscopy has the potential to play a much greater role in food companies and one key area has to be its use as a fingerprint technique to monitor conformance to specification or to afford a significant level of brand protection through real-time comparison of such spectral fingerprints to established company norms for any given product. This article reviews some recent developments in this area and, in particular, explains some new chemometric approaches which may be exploited for this purpose.

Quality is an important determinant of food choice by consumers but it is a credence attribute i.e. a property that cannot be verified by the consumer at point of purchase. Quality perception is most likely to be derived from other intrinsic or extrinsic clues such as brand name for example. To ensure repeat purchasing based on a quality attribute, therefore, a major challenge facing food companies is the collection of real-time data on products leaving the production line to demonstrate consistency i.e. continued conformance to their own production specifications.

Majority of shareholders approve ACCRA Brewery’s proposal to de-list from the Ghana stock exchange

Industry news, News  •  13 September 2010  •  SABMiller

Accra Brewery announced that majority of its shareholders voted in favour of the company’s proposal to de‐list from Ghana Stock Exchange…


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